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"No Survivor Stands Alone"


Our parent organization, Ark of Hope for Children is a faith-based nonprofit human rights organization that intervenes with hope for those victimized as children by child abuse, human trafficking and bullying.


We are seeking corporations, churches and individuals to sponsor our programs and websites including;

UnChained Project is a human rights organization providing localized awareness and support on a global scale for survivors of child trafficking, all forms of child abuse and teen bullying.

Your monthly financial support of the advocacy of UCP community groups throughout the U.S. and beyond through UnChained Project groups is vital. To recruit, equip, empower and mobilize these groups to reach out to those suffering in darkness or alone in their communities is an endeavor we cannot do alone. Your support can provide for site upkeep, maintenance and hosting, group resources, a Facebook Group for each active community group, awareness campaigns, community support groups and more. Following are all of Ark of Hope's programs for survivors. Your monthly donations can support your favorite one or all three!


Donor levels

(Corporate, church and individual tax deductible levels)

  • Bronze site sponsor - $240 / year = 20 month ~ Name mention on donor page (your choice of our 3 websites)
  • Silver site sponsor - $480 / year = 40 month ~ Name mention with link to your site on donor page (your choice of our 3 websites)
  • Gold site sponsor - $720 / year = 60 month ~ Small logo or small banner linked to your site [small banner 300 x 75 max or small logo 150 x 150] (your choice of our 3 websites)
  • Platinum site sponsor - $960 / year = 80 month ~ Small banner with logo in support linked to your site [370 x 122 max] (your choice of our 3 websites)
  • Diamond site sponsor - $2400 / year = 200 month ~ Large banner linked on all 3 sites (480 x 122 max)


Removing Chains = Live chat survivor support website

  • International live chat survivor support
  • 15 chat rooms focused on all forms of child abuse
  • Group or private support and mentoring
  • Linked or unlinked sponsor levels on pages created for corporate, individual and church sponsors


Harbourage Transitional Living Center of north central Florida Learn More Here

  • Emergency shelter for those rescued from human trafficking situations.
  • Safe shelter, fresh clothing, counsel and mentoring
  • Begin the process of undoing emotional damage done by their captors and abusers.
  • Medical and psychological assessments are sought to create a plan for each survivor's current and future physical needs
  • Lawyers and law enforcement, often including Homeland Security or the FBI, assess their legal needs
  • Linked or unlinked sponsor levels on pages created for corporate, individual and church sponsors


UnChained Project = Localized advocacy for survivors victimized as children

  • Support for those suffering in silence within communities around the nation
  • Alachua County will be the model for other UnChained Project groups around the country
  • Volunteer teams run awareness meetings, support groups and advocacy for those afflicted as children by child abuse, human trafficking and bullying
  • Facebook Groups created for every region with an active group 
  • Linked or unlinked sponsor levels on each local groups page created for corporate, individual and church sponsors

ALL website sponsorship donations have been approved to be fully tax deductible and in keeping with IRS regulations as non-advertising sponsorships #59-3585457