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What an UnChained Project group can do

UnChained Project groups have the ability to create great awareness and support within their communities for survivors of child trafficking, child abuse and bullying. Through our UnChained Project, Ark of Hope for Children is mobilizing impassioned advocates to be lighthouses of hope within their own community, university or college.

Some of the things UnChained Project groups can do are;

  • Hold awareness events in local schools, churches and the community about such things as the very real danger of child trafficking in your community; the need for support for survivors of child abuse and bullying or other ideas
  • Hold a viewing of one of the fine documentaries about the need for support for adult survivors of child abuse or human trafficking awareness that have been provided for Ark of Hope like Pursuit of Truth about increasing statutes of limitations; Boys and Men Healing; or The Healing Years for female survivors.
  • Start an OASIS support group for adult survivors of child abuse
  • Start a support club for those targeted by bullying in local high and middle schools
  • Identify current survivor advocacy within your community and promote those while investigating fill in the gap services your group can provide
  • Hold regular group meetings for prayer, planning and motivation or members
  • Prayer and fundraising in support of Ark of Hope's other programs including Harbourage Transitional Living Center that provides direct services for rescued trafficking victims and Removing Chains that reaches survivors via live online chat support on a global scale
  • Inspire local sponsorship your group, UnChained Project nationwide and Ark of Hope's programs through local businesses

We will build your community group its own Facebook Group like this one for UnChain Florida, Alachua County! There you can keep in touch with members, share posts, recruit online and share inspiration and stories from our main UnChained Project Facebook page.